we partner with founders who target transformative societal or market impact through novel engineering and scientific approaches
an early stage investment firm specializing in robotics, autonomous systems and biotechnology
we partner with founders who target transformative societal or market impact through novel engineering and scientific approaches
an early stage investment firm specializing in robotics, autonomous systems and biotechnology
Reinforced Ventures was selected into the 2022 Top 50 Emerging Managers by Weekend Fund.

"Highlighting the venture industry's newest fund managers as nominated by their LPs and founders they've backed."


Reinforced Ventures was founded by technologists with a mission to serve and fund the next generation of technologists, starting with a small group of friends & engineers which has expanded to 1,700 and growing.
  • Euan Guttridge
    Founder, GP
    Currently Senior Director of Technical Programs at Waymo, previously served at Uber ATG (self-driving) as Head of Technical Program Management in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. Prior to that wore various hats at Google and Google [X] for ten years leading initiatives in the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Early stage investor since 2010, with a focus on autonomous systems and robotics.
  • Liam Krut
    Investment Partner
    Full time with Reinforced Ventures, previously a private equity diligence consultant for software company acquisitions with computational biology background at CMU, research experience at Harvard/MIT, and founder of a biotechnology and a cybersecurity company. Liam's focus is biotechnology investments.
autonomous systems & robotics
Smart ingestion and smart exploration of visual data to reduce cost and complexity. Los Altos, CA
Robotic swarm-farming venture providing an open platform for precision and powered deployment of farm technology. Saskatchewan, Canada.
NLP models generate nutrition labels for text with 95% accuracy for editorial bias, sensationalism, colloquialism, socioeconomic bias, bot identification, and more. Atlanta, GA.
3D vision and motion planning software for a complete bin picking solution. Pittsburgh, PA.
Express shipping with AI-powered autonomous aircraft. CRGO is developing a "middle-mile" system of vehicles capable of transporting heavy loads at long ranges. Boston, MA.
Compare and diff all the things data scientists use. A complete platform tailorable for any ML ecosystem. New York, London, Israel
Software safety validation and risk analysis for the auto & freight insurance industry. Pittsburgh PA, Munich.
The worlds only practical VR mobility solution. Pittsburgh, PA.
Autonomy-as-a-Service for commercial lawn care, using a clamp on robotic system that can automate existing fleets. San Francisco, CA.
The lighest clutch ever built for novel robotics, industrial and consumer applications. Pittsburgh, PA.
Building compiler technology to get Python code running at the speed of C or C++, with applications across several domains, Cambridge, MA.
Tier 1 manufacturer of complete Force/Torque Sensing Systems and Edge Intelligence for World-Leading Robotics OEMs. Toronto, Canada.
Glyph Platforms is embedding code into the real world. Toronto, Canada.
Consolidating fragmented mobility service data to increase driver earnings, inform cities and drive insights for businesses. Pittsburgh, PA.
Building a dedicated SoC to break down the compute barriers hindering autonomous edge systems. Toronto, Canada.
Mach9 quickly transforms the most complex geospatial datasets into 2D and 3D engineering deliverables. Pittsburgh, PA.
Margik provides low-cost high volume organic LEDs (OLEDs) using innovative technologies that have thousands of applications. Charlotte, NC
Brain computer interface that is non-invasive for tracking state of mind. London.
Community for instant coaching in video games. a few minutes with onyx is worth hours of training alone. Seattle, WA.
Self-driving database tuning through workload analysis and configuration optimization through a machine-learned approach. Pittsburgh, PA.
Software platform that automates and streamlines the validation and training process. Waltham, MA.
A practical solution for supporting safety analysis with AI based software traceability. Notre Dame, IN
Advanced Computer Vision algorithms to automate inspections and identify components and defects in images. Los Angeles, CA
User experience aware reliability tools for product and infra teams. Dublin, Ireland.
Robots that boost the altitude of satellites, provide simple repairs, adjust inclination, or launch of heavier satellites. Irvine, CA
Smart, contactless shopping for everyone else. Seattle, WA.
An AI-powered bike light and camera designed to keep you safe on the road. Pittsburgh, PA

Velontra is building a hypersonic space plane that can takeoff from anywhere in any weather. Cincinatti, OH

Acoustophoretic technology (3D printing with sound waves) in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Computational biology platform that's yielded a pipeline of experimentally-validated new drugs. Cambridge, UK.
Linking proteins - as fundamental for building medications and therapies as a hammer or drill is for building a house. Berkeley, CA
Better yields, improved tolerance to drought and heat waves, reduced strain on existing resources, and more. Tel Aviv, Israel
Generative AI model that can design organ and cell-type specific drug delivery vehicles. Hoboken, NJ
Decode Bio is building a drug discovery platform based on a novel encoding method that will reduce the time and cost for the drug discovery phase. San Diego, CA.
Edity is developing a novel delivery platform that uses immune cells to transfer therapeutic proteins to the target cells of patients. Rehovot, Israel
Bring gene therapy into mainstream medicine through in vivo delivery of any gene to any cell in any tissue location. San Francisco, CA.
Combining synthetic biology and machine learning to control cellular stress responses for next-generation therapeutics. San Carlos, CA
Karios is a preclinical medical device company at the forefront of adhesion prevention and hydrogel products for drug and cellular delivery. Houston, TX
Combining machine learning with cell-free biology to make enzyme and antibody discovery easier, faster and less expensive. Toronto, Canada
Creates treatments for previously untreatable diseases with more informed drug discovery and development. Boston, MA
Resetting a key mechanism of aging - extending telomeres to extend the human healthspan. Stanford, CA
Focused on a new advancement in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disease with microbiome-derived metabolites as drugs. Pittsburgh, PA.
First-in-class inhibitors for previously undruggable targets, starting with pediatric cancers. Seattle, WA.
Design RNA for the next generation of molecular sensing and therapeutics. Seattle, WA
Transforming surgery with mixed reality and collaborative robotics. Boston, MA
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